Cabbage Patch 2005,  60 years of control line
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This event is explained by the cover opposite. I hope the following pictures give some idea of scope of the Cabbage Patch celebration. Many thanks to Paul, my partner, for taking most of the photographs after the catastrophic failure of one of my cameras; you're a star.

Held in gloriously sunny and a very hot conditions with droves of vintage models, some of which performed in a very un-vintage like way, unusual models, and anything else you could stick on a pair of lines and hurl into the air. It was a joy to behold.

Is there anywhere else that can boast a Cathedral as a backdrop to the stunt circles?

The map below gives some idea of the area the event covered. Wouldn't it be nice if your local club had facilities half the size.


On a more subdude note: I make no apologies for reproducing the following piece by Brian Waterland, printed in full from the program. It certainly gives much food for thought, and is probably a very accurate description of the present state of C/L flying (in the UK certainly) which has always played second fiddle to F/F originally and R/C when it started to gain in popularity.

        If you are reading this it is highly probable that you are,
        or were, a control line Flyer. The Peterborough Cabbage
        Patch Celebration of Control Line Flying was conceived as a
        way of getting as many C/L fliers as possible together in
        one place. Only history will tell if this becomes the sports
        "Last Hurrah."
        Membership of the BMFA is at an all time high but how many
        of those are C/L modellers? The hobby is changing rapidly-
        Ready To fly fixed wing and helicopter models, Li-Poly
        batteries, Indoor RC, Discus Launch gliders. ARTF Wakefields
        but, apart from Classic Stunters, where are the ARTF Control
        For years CL suffered the sobriquet "Bricks on strings, C/L
        was not "real" model flying and was for "those who could not
        afford proportional RC equipment", It was considered "a phase
        modellers went through between F/F Rubber and R/C" and
        "helped them learn how to start engines". YET, in one very
        imporant aspect, C/L beats R/C, it is closer to the real
        thing because the pilot feels the forces on the model and
        gets direct feedback from the aerop1ane, something sadly
        lacking in R/C, Control Line has DRAMA. We operate very
        cIose to the ground (and the spectator). Team Racing has all
        the ingredients of F1 Motor Racing  - the pit stops, the team
        work and dicing with the other competitors. Combat gives
        an exciting adrenalin rush and calls for split second
        reactions, something the young have in spades full.
        Aerobatics requires precision positioning greater than any
        arcade game. Speed, the age oId chaIIenge to be the fastest.
        Modern youth beIieve that life is too short to plank a
        fuselage, and I for one agree with them! Who wiII be the
        first to come up with a Control Liner that will appeal to
        the youngster of today? It would need to be ARTF, have an
        easy starting engine (Pull-start motor?), be fairly
        indestructible, capable of flying interesting manoeuvres and
        maybe have a quick way of converting the model from beginner
        to expert mode (variable control throws and variable C of
        G?), Of course 'EIectric, Power with Brushless motors and Li
        -Polys opens up all sorts of other possibilities with its
        instant starting and quietness.
        I see the same old faces at evey Control Line Comp. As a
        body C/L fliers are like WW2 veterans. Each year there are
        fewer of us capable of practicing the art. Without positive
        action now, Control Line will whither away and that would
        be a great shame.
        Bnan Waterland June 2O05


I have no idea why I personally like C/L so much?

I made a conscious decision to get out of the R/C rat race many years ago, and it is, there is always something more expensive to purchase that does not make a jot of difference to the fun of the average flier, who can't live without the latest multi programmable all singing all dancing setup. and more horsepower in an engine than his car has; his RTF, made by some subsistence migrant worker in China trainer, might fall out of the sky if he doesn't; then he would have to throw it away and buy another one.

"Just how do you shape and glue these soft pieces of wood together O Master?"

"It is a black art my friend, a black art; only learned by the determined, after the arduous task of five minutes with a sharp blade and walk to the local hardware store. Beware! Such unwholesome meddling can cause your cows to give birth to deformed calves and the sun to fall from the sky."

Yet I still had a big stupid grin on my face the first time I flew a C/L model after a break of around thirty years, even though I was so dizzy I could hardly stand up and was a nervous as hell of stuffing someone else's model into the ground.

Flying an R/C model the year before had left me cold, I can't feel an R/C model when it's flying, there was no fear and terror factor, just a disembodied looking at goldfish in a bowl sensation. I was quite happy to hand the transmitter back.

Control line is deceptively simple to get the hang of in the beginning, and can seem easy at first. Getting good at any particular discipline, is not very easy at all.

Video Clips

This is all the footage that was worth doing anything with, it all involved the carrier events. There was not enough of the other stuff to make anything coherent with. Please don't expect high or coherent editing quality. I lost blood sweat and tears trying to make sense of unusable video footage the insanity of different file types and media applications that won't make files readable buy each other.

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