British National Model Flying Championships 2002

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the 2002 Nats for a day with my father. This three day event has always been large, it covers so large an area that it is difficult if not impossible to see everything in a day. The free flight events are even held at a different venue altogether. The end result was spending much too brief a time hanging around the C/L circles. If nothing else I was glad to see that there is still interest in these groups, and to be honest the old stirrings were still there. Below are a few samples of what I could capture in such a short visit.

I was hoping to revisit in 2003 and do a better job of the photography, but it was with great regret that I learned that the 2003 Nats had been cancelled. That is the first time I can remember that happening. I would love to stay for the full three days if it was possible, but unfortunately I can't see that happening under my present circumstance.

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C/L Team race
TR TR tr practice tr practice
tr vintage
C/L Speed
speed prep speed launch engine warm speed launch
speed wing speed wing
C/L Aerobatics
stunt stunt stunt stunt
stunt stunt stunt stunt
rc scale rc scale rc scale rc scale
jet jet rc rc