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Model Engine Corporation of America, (in other words K&B)

This contains some useful information on ic engines.

It would be even better if someone had at least made the effort to get it proof read before sticking it on the web. It must hold the prize for the most bad spelling and gramatical errors I have come across; and that includes non Engilish sites, which have a legitimate excuse!
Hallam Models

One of the few general CL kit maufacturers left. Excellent range of trainers, combat, team race, speed, and chuck gliders. No web page unfortunately, but it would be criminal not to have the phone number and address here. Get hold of a product list.

Phone (UK) 0114 2665624
69 Bole Hill Lane
S10 1SA
Okazaki Model Flying Club
Very good Japanese CL website.
Don't be put off by the Japanese language, use Googles web translation facility to get an idea of what is going on. There is more on the japanese only link at the top of the Okazaki MFC home page.
Taiwanese website
I can't read it either, it seems to be 'Traditional Chinese (tw)', if you have to feed it through a translator. Look for the ' 2007-review' video, it brings back memories of what it is like to have fun with models.
THE controline supplier of kits and accessories. Worth noting, they will ship direct to other parts of the world.
RSM distribution
Another source of CL bit and kits
For all those interested in all appects of small sustained thrust micro rocket motors. A very interesting site.
Similar in concept to Jetex.org, but with a UK bias. Another very interesting site.
Control line videos
In Flemish or Dutch not much detail on the page. Control line videos updated regularly.
Fullsize Warbirds video clips
Historic military training videos, mainly American. You will be at this site for a long time.
Want to know about engine bearings and the proper way to change them?
A fasinating series of articles on fuel and it's composition
The lowdown on tuned pipes
French site that will convert anything from imperial to metric or the other way round.
size conversion tables
Extremely useful metric screw size information
The Frog Site
Free Flight site dedicated to Frog kits produced by International Model Aircraft Ltd UK. Links to other sites.
A wonderfully pictorial Free Flight site. Well worth a look
Good (German) site for model aircraft plans
Mainly R/C, downloadable as zip files and mostly in DWG format, viewer software available on site.
If you haven't got a German dictionary handy the following may help: Fesselflug-Racer=Team Racer, Kunstflug=Aerobatic, Modellflugzeug=Model Arcraft, Bauplan Modellflugzeug seems to be scale rubber model plans, Ferngesteuerte=Remote control, Segel=glider.
Take a look at some very nice engine projects and restoration work
A History of Team Racing
F4B C/L scale
Australian Control Line Nostalgia
aeromodellos net. An excellent C/L site
Japanese C/L stunt flier Kaz Minato's site
Japanese C/L
Site is in Japanese, and a site I really do wish I could read.
Click around the links and you will eventually see so many really nice aircraft and flying shots. I just wish I could find out more about the planes, their owners, and the flying sites.
Dave Day's very interesting C/L page
Fly By Wire. Dutch C/L promotion team
Loet Wakkerman's C/L combat site.
Learn how combat engines are made.
British Model Flying Association
C.L.A.P.A. UK, Control Line Aerobatic Pilot's Association
Paper model duration record holder
A nice and friendly Italian C/L site
And home of the link below
Build your own card models of famous model aircraft.
Not as easy as it sounds