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18 July 2004

I was a member of the Leicester Club for a large part of my life, so it was a real pleasure visit and meet up with some old friends who still flying C/L models.The LMAC is a mainly an R/C club as you would expect these days, F/F has unfortunately almost died out, so it was nice to see a well mown grass C/L circle as well as the R/C grass strip

The LMAC is in a fairly unique position in that they actually own the field near a village called Gumley and have planning permission for model flying use. This rather unusual situation was due to one of the founder members of the club, Jack Marsh, bequeathing his estate to the club on his death.

However as with all things there is always one fly in the ointment, in the form of a farm nearby that recently started to complain about the noise. This is in spite of the fact that the cub was there first, and scrupulously test and log every model to comply with a noise level limit. I also heard something that surprised me, an electric R/C model failing a noise test. That must be some sort of a first.

As a result of their comfortable position regarding the flying site and wanting to keep it that way, joining the club is not so easy, with potential members being vetted by the relevant officer. This is an understandable process but also a bit of a cleft stick; unless you are prepared to comply with a myriad of rules and know someone in the club, finding the site let alone joining the club is not that easy. I can't help wondering how many potential young people/new members are affected by this fact?

The C/L fliers are a bit of a eclectic mob, with most flying for fun. There are not enough members to run any team events in a conventional sense. I also noticed that the friendly banter had not changed with a lot of light hearted insults being traded.

A character that's been around as longer than I have, is Pete Moore: a modeller of the old school. If there is something lying around, cardboard, an old plastic film cannister, two halves of different engines; anything that can be built into or used in a model, it will be! Oh happy days!

Another group that enjoys the site, is the local badger population. These nocturnal animals seem to love the short grass and are constantly digging holes in it as fasts they get filled in.


After weeks of wind and whatever else the atmosphere could throw at this small corner of the world, the weather was almost perfect, warm sun and almost still air, One of those days you dream about on all the days when the weather is being particularly unpleasant. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

As the afternoon drew to a close, Pete Catlow was gracious enough to offer me a flight with his OS.46 LA powered profile stunter. Pizzaz I am still nervous when flying other peoples models, I would feel terrible if I stuffed one into the ground. As a consequence I just restricted myself to flying the tank out and, once I had the feel for the model, three consecutive very large loops: it felt good.

The model is called "Pizzaz" and has as a pedigree. It was designed and built by Owen Rogers, a member of the New Zealand F2B team, and flown in the 2002 World Championships in Sebnitz, Germany.

Given more time and flights I could have probably done a lot more, but these flights are rare privileges for me and I am quite happy that I can still fly a C/L model after a twenty year layoff. The plain bearing OS engine certainly did not lack power, I used to fly my own models as slow as I could while still keeping things taught, so it took a few laps to get used to the solid pull. And I only got slightly dizzy this time; after Almere that is encouraging. At this rate of progress, by the time I hit the age of seventy I may be able to fly the whole stunt schedule again.

To contact the LMAC club regarding any C/L matters
please contact the C/L rep Pete Catlow in the fist instance.

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George Chamberlain's Fox35 powered Duchess built from the 1970's APS plan
Pete Catlow's brace of stunters
Pete Catlow's brace of stunters
ex F/F model
Pete Moore's ex F/F model of extreme indeterminate age.
Never one for the conventional is Pete Moore
Never one for the conventional is Pete Moore
Hmm! does it really need the other two engine bolts?
combat model
Ken Stanley starts brother Bob's combat model
3? engined model
Pete Moore starts his model
George Chamberlain
George Chamberlain prepares the Fox for starting
Bob Stanley's Goodyear in flight
Bob Stanley's Goodyear in flight
Pete Catlow
Pete Catlow cranks up the OS.46
Pete Catlow
Pete gets ready for some more serious handle waving