Early 1970's Still Crashing About

constr1 After a period of several years not doing any modelling, I returned. The first model I tried out to remind myself how to build, was a C/L sports model powered by a Frog 1.5cc diesel, then it was back to R/C. As illustrated on the left, I now had proportional gear, all home built, quite how I managed to solder the components onto the servo pc boards is a mystery to me, I must have had very good eyesight in those days.

The picture on the left shows an own design model with a clappedout Merco 35 powering it. It was so clapped out, that some ingenious ways of starting it had to be devised, like using a cord wrapped round the propdriver, to start it model boat fashion.

Things went reasonably well until 1973. I went into debt to buy the first new engine I had ever bought, and built a suitable model to put it in. From then on things went down hill. It was the time when CB radio took off and people started to use them illegally on the same frequency band that model where allocated, with the inevitable consequences. At the same time I was having a bit of a rethink about where I was going with this modelling thing.

Every time I went to fly this thing, all I could think about was the money invested in the project, It was as if I was watching a huge pounds sterling sign flying round, not a model. When it eventually crashed, I never knew why, the engine which I was still paying for was damaged, to the extent that the repairs would cost as much as a new one. As I was still paying for the first one, it was obvious I was streched beyond my financial limits.

The end result of this carnage was to go back to basics. After a lot of thought, I realised the some of the most fun I had in the past with model aircraft, was not proportional to the amount of money spent; in fact a lot of the time it seems to be exactly the opposite

So I started to build freeflight models again. I had access through the Leicester Model Aero Club at the time, to Wymeswold Airfield, an old WW2 airfield which had been turned over to agriculture but still retained the runways. Suddenly the fun was back. I could have built a whole fleet with the money I had spent on R/C.

During this period I just built and flew anything that took my interest that did not involve R/C, from hand launch gliders, to FF power, to indoor models, to C/L anything, which is quite enough to keep anyone happy. Unfortunately I was so happy I didn't take any photo's, which is a great pity