A Collection of Aeromodelling Pictures    Gallery 1

These galleries contains a random collectiom of models I have photographed over the years.

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1950's free flight Braunstone Aerodrome
rubber wing biplane FF low wing
1960's 1-3 1960 uk nationals (1-2 R/C) (3 C/L)
1960's LMAC Braunstone Aerodrome (except the first one)
LMAC scale comp 1961
1960's Somewhere?

vid graphic   Another faded recollection of how unpredictable RC was in the 1960's. (2.0MB .wmv)

LMAC Wymeswold
discussion unknown

vid graphic   A video clip rescued from deteriorating 8mm film and heavily maipulated to make it watchable, of myself (in another life) flying a little CL biplane, I think powered by a DC 1cc Spitfire or DC .8cc Merlin diesel. The only thing I can say for certain, is that it was taken at Wymeswold Airfield. (1.0MB .wmv)