St Margaret's Recreation Ground

Somewhere around the 1980's we started to use a recreation ground in the middle of Leicester for C/L flying. It was to small for anything else, and far enough from habitation to keep the any noise problem to a minimum. After lots of arguments with officialdom that seemed to think we had no right to pursue a legitimate passtime in a public place, we finally got a grudging acceptance of our presence.

The usual argument put forward to prevent us using the public space, was a paragraph in the park bylaws that stated, 'machines could not be operated on a park or recreation ground.' After I pointed out that they would have to remove anyone wearing a wrist watch that had a mechanical movement from parks, that argument wilted somewhat. All the same, it was a wearing task to have to constantly argue the point that we had as much right to use the ground as anyone else, when all we really wanted to do, was just fly model airplanes.

What finally defeated us was the turning over of the ground to artificial turf and fencing it in for ball game areas. Something I strongly resent on many levels, both political and social. It's a form of creeping urbanisation that wears away at social freedoms and rights. As I look around now, there are an alarming number of public open spaces within the city that have dissapeared without trace over the years

Below are just a few pictures of those happy times when we could still use it.


ron twin
stunt watching