A collection of pictures from email friends

This space is reserved for other peoples pictures of their models.

Please feel free to send me anything of interest, especially Control Line or Free Flight. I love looking at other people's models for ideas or just interest, or to envy someone's ability to put a nice finish a model, and I am sure other people do. I am especially interested in any young (or not so young) peoples attempts, even the crashes, although I hope there are not many, no matter what the quality. We all started somewhere, and my models where not exactly stunningly beautiful when I started, and still aren't. So don't be shy, send me pictures of your models, and yourself if possible.

Mike Hawkins, Tasmania, Australia    Tasmania flag
Mike Hawkins au A nice basic model built to get back into CL by Mike Hawkins, secretary of the Hobart Model Aircraft Club, Australia.

To quote Mike:

"As you can see from the attachment I have finally built a model and no prizes for guessing what it is! I was at a bit of a dilemma as to what to build first, but I remember when I was about 14 years old a group of us used to build profile scale fighters and fly 2 or 3 in the circle having dogfights. So this is where I have decided to start, being quick and simple to build and will at least enable me to find out if I can still fly control line. Wingspan is 28 inches and powered by an Australian Taipan Tyro diesel 1.8cc from the 1960,s."

Nice one Mike.

I look forward to hearing how Mike gets on.
And she flies.

Now doesn't that look great.
"By this time I had quite an audience, most with wide open mouths, but then they had not even heard about control line models let alone actually seeing it being done! I have generated some interest though; a couple of our senior members have gone off to see what they can find and our youngest member (15 years) wants me to teach him how to fly. He by the way he is the Tasmanian state aerobatic champion, R/C of course. "

That's what I call a result.
mirabilis Another of Mike's CL projects, a Mirabilis

A model I have also had a yen to build.
ground based TX In Mike's words:

"My KK Junior 60, powered by a PAW 2.46 and 2ch radio, and myself, the radio is home made! "

old timer "This was taken last month at the Launceston clubs Old Timers day, I'm not sure if that refers to the models or there owners!"

Feb 2010

Mike sent me these pictures of his Mirabils, built  while recovering from a period of illness. Mikes models are always immaculate, and make me realise how crap my own building is!

"As you can see from the attachments I did not waste my time basket weaving but finally got round to building the Mirabilis,  which incidentally fly’s beautifully. There are now about ten members in the club flying control line and enjoying the alternatives to radio, we are also flying small diesel free flight (Tomboy, Cardinal etc) with single channel miniature radio to keep within the confines of the field and to act as a de-thermaliser when necessary. I guess its really all us old farts trying to relive our youth! But its great anyway."
Jan Odeyn, Belgium    Belgium flag
Jan Odeyn VTOL An early attempt at a VTOL model by Jan Odeyn, Belgium.

Jan can already hover with ease, so it should not be too difficult to be able to take-off as well.
Jan Odeyn vtol Jan's model in hover mode. Proof of the pudding and all that.
jan pole
Jan Odeyn again, with the one of his electric powered CL models, and an example of what can happen when you misjudge how close you are to an obstruction.
canard Some more of Jan's models, described in his own words.

"This plane was made around 1986.As I considered it as a very experimental project very little effort was put in to the finish. Following the Odeyn tradition it used old parts from older planes ( rudder and elevator). On its first flight it only had one engine, a FOX.35 pushing. This flight took only 2 seconds, straight up and down. It was too sensitive. I was aware that it needed a lot of weight in front to get the CG right so I went for a second engine in front.The leadouts were following more to the front. First it had a 1.5 cc in front but still too sensitive. Than followed a PAW 2.5 cc and with an OS 3.5 cc and CG was right."

"Although it doesn't have the best looks, it 's a good F2B stunter but it needs both engines. With only the FOX pushing it will still manage round manoeuvres. With only the front engine it will just will fly around. I should make a new one."
bipe "Not only can it be landed the other way round but it is also a good hoverplane."

"The Bipe was build in 1995. Powered by an OS 40FP it was also throttled by a Roberts 3-line bellcrank. I took it to the 1995 Nationals were I met some enthusiast carrier people. After buying a piano wire , bending a hook and fixing it to the bipe I entered the carrier competition. I even managed an inverted deck landing. The carrier rules were also changed next year because I 've found a gap in the rulebook. After a missed landing I just made a big loop and tried it again without loosing landing points."
elec twin "This is the electric Tigercat. After my first electric stuntplanes I build this electric carrierplane. In 1997, in a pre lipo and brushless time, very little power was available. Powered by two 500 size motors and a 7 cell NiCd-pack it needed a strong arm to get off the deck. Throttle control was done by switching on and off of the inner engine. This was done by a third line that triggered a switch. Due to the big rudder and low power it was risky business flying it in wind . So it has few flights on the counter . Some years ago I changed the direct drives motors for geared ones hoping to have more power but there was very little improvement. I will put it in the queue for lipo and brushless."
Herbert Garritsen, Holland    Nederlands flag

Herbert can be a prolific builder once he gets going, I have seen his work room, so I know, and this model is no exception.

"The Eucalypta MK 2 was designed in march 1970 by Paul Tupker one of the Dutch CL aerobatic masters. This one is powered by a modern Merco .35"
Tiny Tot:

Another one of Herbert's models built from the remnants of wood left from building the Eucalypta. Originally published as a full size plan in the Model Aircraft magazine July 1961, for 1cc engines.
Jan 2011

"I want to sent you a picture from my new free flight model,it is a little bit stolen from other models, so this is the result. The Merlin started very quick, it came out a plastic bag that I bought a few years ago with all kinds of rubbish but it runs OK. The contra piston was locked up but it is free after some runs.

I have started to learn my sisters son aged 9 to build his own model,He is a great talent, he fly last year in Almere with a trainer from Fred Meyer and at the end of the day he fly the tank empty and made a few loops.
I give him my Ringmaster but he crashed it with inverted flight, so we started to build a Veron Nipper for him in the weekends,but it give me also great joy, even my new project is sitting for a while in the freezer, I am building a 15% scaled up Scimiter.


Charlie Stone, (Perth, Western Australia)    Australia flag
Bluepants Charlie's immaculately built and finished, Stouffs 'Bluepants', that weighs in at 539g (19 oz) complete and has only flown a couple of times.
Bluepants A view of the business end.
Owen Mate Not only does Charlie build immaculate models, but unlike us mere mortals, builds the engines as well.  


"The power plant is a 2cc homebuilt engine called the `Owen MATE'.  I built the motor myself from a very comprehensive set of instructions and plans provided by the designer David Owen of New South Wales on the east coast of Australia."

This model and engine are beautiful work in anyone's book.
CStone-sleepwalker01.jpg April 2010
Charlie has been building again. Nice....!

"I have attached a couple of photos of my new stunter (one in the uncovered state). It is a my own design that I have called `Sleep Walker'.  It is 64 inches span, weighs 53 ounces and is powered by a Merco .61.  I have only put a couple of flights on it so far and there are a few bugs to sort out as usual, but it looks promising.  It seems to fly well enough and turns amazingly well, but the engine wasn't behaving itself at all.  I am currently re-manufacturing the muffler system  which seemed a bit restrictive and making the engine run very hot.  It needs a bit more trim on the fins and fuselage I think as it looks a bit bland in that area, but I am more interested in getting a good engine run first."

"I have flown it a few more times since I last wrote and I am coming to grips with the engine now, the plane flies well and the landings are consistently better than I have managed before.  After the engine shuts off the plane just floats down smoothly and slowly to a gentle touchdown.  I am quite pleased with it."

John Harold,  Sydney, Australia   Australia flag
hellcat John sent me these pictures in an email, and I feel a little flattered to hear that I inspired him to build it.

In john's words:

"The model is based on the 86cm (34in) span SIG Akromaster. The fuselage was shaped to resemble a Hellcat. Norvel .15 powered with 8X5 prop and 15m (50ft) lines. I made up a semi wedge uniflow tank with a flat underside.

I'm very happy to say everything worked OK on the model's first outing last weekend.Great fun, did some touch and go's and practised slowing down to near the stall etc.Carrier is no longer flown here in Sydney ( Australia ), so this project is just a bit of fun for me."

Note the word FUN, and that's what it is all about. Let's hope someone else reads this and some more carrier models are built in Oz. Who knows? this may be the start of a revival.
Chris Ottewell    GB
Chris Ottewell Chris has done a  bit of CL in the past, B class team racing to name but one, and is now dabbling in CL again.

"The red Peacemaker was made in 1963 and originally flown with an ETA 29!  It

last flew in the mid 1990s with a PAW 19D.

The big yellow one is a Flitestreak made from the Top Flite kit - Built ealr
1990s flies beautifully on a PAW 19D.  Last flown early 2000's, and the little
yellow one is a half size Flitstreak flies well on a PAW .80"

Paolo Puntieri   Italy    Australia flag
Paolo is another good builder that puts me to shame. Some good ideas for aligning things whilst building in these pictures. I look forward to seeing the finished model.

Isn't it amazing how modellers work spaces look the same no matter what nationality of country they are in.

Paolo is also indexing his collection of Aeromodeller Magazines and may be  good source to try if  I do not have something you are looking for.

"I attach some pics of the "work in progress" wing of a Keil Kraft Spectre.

The tip weight box was not provided with the original ... :-)"


May 2010
Paolo has been busy again :)

"At the moment the Spectre is sitting aside, and I'm working around the "Spectrino" a reduced version for OS10 (saying Spectrino, is like to say kitten rather then little cat). I've stolen some building tips from Claus Maikis web site.

In your web site I've also noted the Mirabilis by Mike Hawkins: I wish (I hope) to build this model during the summer. You have to know that I started a Mirabilis in winter 2007 but in spring I stopped myself against the construction of cowl and windshield. So I gave "the thing" to a fellow as a gift. He finished the Mirabilis in three or four days, he mounted an old and fatigued OS10 and everybody said: this model flies like a bird!

Incidentally, that Mirabilis still exists, but now it hosts (and fly a bit better) with a not very powerful Chinese glow of 2.5 cc (my fellow says that it is equivalent to a 2 cc) on about 16 meters lines length. After this change, I'm positively sure that the OS10 is the right motor."
Bill Gruby   Bristol Connecticut, USA    Flag_of_the-USA.png
giant ringmaster
Now there's building them big, and there's building them BIG! Bill Gruby in the USA is taking the Michael...!

I have attached one that I am building here in the USA. It is an 85 inch span Super Ringmaster with 1635 sq. in. of wing area. The power is a Saito 1.82 Four Stroke Twin Cylinder.

big and small

That little guy is a full sized Super Ringmaster at 42 inch span. In this picture (the big one) is ready for the trim colors.
Larry Borden    Azle Texas, USA   Flag_of_the-USA.png

Larry Borden sent me these pictures from the US of a pretty Ring Master he has just finished.

brotherhood of the ring

I couldn't stop myself myself from quoting The Lord of the Rings when I first saw this; but I'll get a grip and not print the rhyme here.

Clancy Arnold    Indianapolis, USA   Flag_of_the-USA.png
Taube_Kit_1116.jpg I received this mesage and images for Clancy, who is also the developer of the U/tronics units for controlline an has been active in CL scale for many years. There will be a piece about these units on these web pages in the near future.

I have built a model of the Jeannin Stahltaube that is in the German Technical Museum in Berlin.

My model started as a Nick Zeroli Taube kit produced in 1984.  It has an 88 inch Wing Span and 1500 Square  Inches of Wing Area.  Power is an OS FS91 SII-P turning a 15 x 6 prop. I have converted it to flexible tail
and wing tips.

The bellcrank moves the "Elevator"  3 inches total travel and the wing warp servo moves the tips up or down 2 inches.  Control is with my Multi Channel Control system using three channels, Throttle, Wing Warp and Rudders.  I want the wing warping function to do a Wing Wave as an optional scale maneuver.  There are 90 Scale Cables on the model with
2 more to go.

I am 5 Ft 8 In and the Taube is 7 Ft 4 In. and weighs 9 1/4 lbs. (4.2 kg).

AL Robinson (and the "Herd"),  USA   Flag_of_the-USA.png

Feb 2011
It's so good to hear of young people who actually take some interest in this hobby, like Herberts Harritsen's experience further back up this page, Maybe all is not lost after all :)

"Today was fun.. I got Christopher's freewheel clutch and mine made for the prop's on the Hawk's, then worked my ass off while he was studying and got the 150% Hawk finished up, sanded and ready for cover to catch up with his.. (pics below) The wings required major re-design but I was lucky and had some of the parts left over from our kit business 23 years ago and that saved a lot of time.. "

" Christopher and I went out and hustled parts this afternoon (hobby shop is an hour away on the interstate) and while we were not fully successful with our parts run we got a lot done.. Katie and I are going to experment with "pastel chalk"  and Krylon 1301 (she's an artist) instead of nitrate dope to tweek the Jap tissue color on Christopher's Hawk to a nice Kelly Green with Yellow Esaki on the wings and stab.  We are going to make the color scheme on the little one and "Super Chicken" (150% Hawk) the same but dyed silk/Esaki on the larger model.."
"Tomboy Fun Stuff:
This afternoon, UPS showed up with our diesel order from Ed Carlson..(Carlson Imports, excellent service for the last 20 years)    A brand new Mills Chinese knockoff (and it's actually quite good)  I also got another PAW 55BR R/C  to replace the one we lost 2 years ago in the Ebenezer and another MP Jet .060  (love 'em, beautiful engine) and 2 quarts of Aerodyne diesel fuel..  (excellent, lasts forever)

Tonight I had some quiet time so I got Tomboy's fuselage framed up, rudder built and today whilst out shopping got a nice small piece of oak for the engine bearers, I can rip it in the saw tomorrow to finished dimension and there will be enough left for Katie's Tomboy Senior.. The Tomboy model is really a cutie, Vic Smeed knew what he was doing, it's a very forgiving design and I admire his expertise.. "
al5 "I showed Katie the deal on framing up the sides so as soon as her DC Sabre gets here we will get the nice folks at Klarich to make her a short kit so she can go to work but for the moment, she is pretty busy prepping for her EMT/Paramedic boards.. (she want's to be a Flight Nurse on the Careflight helicopter the worst way but this scares Dad just a bit, the accident record is not good..)"

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