A return to model building and flying. Part 1

It's a plan!

March 2004

lucky lady During the course of scanning my huge collection of model magazines, I came across a flapped stunter for 2.5cc engines called Lucky Lady,in a July 1953 issue of Model Aircraft, by K. A. Day. Herbert Harritsen showed me an even better German design whilst in Holland, which is remarkably similar in size, costruction, and concept. The Lucky lady originally caught my eye because of it's pleasing lines. Probably not the best reason for choosing a model! It smacks of building a scale Spitfire for a first model, which usually ends in dissapointment.

The first task was to scan the scaled down plan in the Magazine, then divide it up crudely into A4 sized bits, print them out and stick the whole thing together. I certainly leaned something about printing; namely the fact that image files can carry information on the print output size, independently of the dot pitch resolution.

plan After an evening cutting up and matching bits of paper, Task number one was complete. I now had a working full sized drawing.

I owe a great deal of thanks to thanks to Gabriele Macri of U-Control-2000 fame, for persuading me to recover all the modelling equipment and magazines that had lain in someone else's attic over a considerable number of years, while my life lurched off on a different course. I was surprised how much of it was still there!

Amongst the recovered stuff was a collection of sheet and scrap balsa, ply, bits of metal, piano wire, wheels and commercial hinges. enough bits to make up some 70-80% of the airframe. So far so good.

During my visit to the British Nat's I purchased four sheets of balsa of the sizes I was missing, a 500ml can of diesel fuel, and as usual wished afterwards I had bought more. However beggars can't be choosers and I am on a very tight budget The only thing I did not have was a length of 10mm sq. engine bearer. After a fruitless week of trying to find a day when the local model shop was open, I was cursing at the fact that I could have bought nearly every thing I needed at the Nat's. I finally paid out the princely sum of 50p for a piece of 10mm hard wood.

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