A return to model building and flying. Part 3

Let's Get Started

May 2004

Now as I stated at the beginning of this series I do not have much room to work. Below is an illustration of the total space I have had to work in so far. Cramped isn't it?


I realised in a flash of inspiration, that as I could print out the plan, there was nothing to stop me printing out individual components like formers and ribs fullsize.


Lightly gluing each bit onto a piece of wood, makes cutting shapes out a lot easier. I used thin PVA in the hope that the paper will soak off afterwards. I haven't tried the soaking off bit yet, as the formers in the fuselage are not seen anyway.

Now came the part where I remembered that different people design and build in different ways. Ever tried to build from a plan, and discovered that you just could not work out how the original must have been made, and coming to the conclusion the original builder must have had multiple arms and hands like spider. It was probably quite logical and simple for that person because they had probably built quite a few models in that fashion. You, on the other hand, do not have the benefit of that experience, and have to reinvent the wheel so to speak. I still have uneasy memories of building Uri Sirotkin's Spacehound many years ago, The plans are still in my possession.


The pic above is the present state of the fuselage as I write this piece.

I still haven't managed to work out how the original must have been built as there seems to be no one side or edge of anything that can be used as reference point for anything else. Lets just hope my previous experience in building gives me a reasonably aligned fuselage

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