A return to model building and flying. Part 6

My Kingdom for a bit of Space!

August 2004

Building boards. My big problem is living in a maisonette (to give it it's proper title). This has no loft space I can utilise as a workspace, no cellar, no garage, and no shed or outhouse. There is the small space I have already indicated, and the living room table. I am reluctant to use the living room as it is difficult enough to keep clean and tidy as it is. The bathroom has been suggested, but apart from the having to kneel down and bend over all the time, where do I put things where I need a bath? We do both bath once a day in this house. The only other space available we use for repairing computers which can occasionally bring in some money. So again, not really an option.

OK next problem. I do not have a piece of wood long enough to build the wing on. If I am going to be forced to buy a piece of wood, it may as well be long enough to build any future models on; that works out at around 1.5m. The only place a piece of wood this size will fit is the living room table, but would overhang, taking up enough space to make moving round the room a chore. This is not an option. The situation was looking very depressing.

In one of those struck by lightning moments (bit of an exaggeration, more like an empty room and something meanders in), I realised I could build half a wing on the existing board I have been using. Always awkward doing this as both halves have a way of being stubborn and not lining up.

Then came another jump in the stream of thought. Why not make it a take apart model, with two separate wing halves screwed together on site?

This is a quantum leap in concept from the original model and I have no idea it will work. The original has a removable wing held on elastic bands and a fuselage mounted bellcrank with external leadouts over the top of the wing.

The wing section is quite thin, we are only talking about a 840mm span wing, with 13mm vertical space between the wing spars, so it doesn't give much room to play with. I was going to mount the bellcrank in the wing but with this new concept it will make things way too complicated.

In fact the whole situation was becoming a way too complicated. In an effort to keep things in perspective I decide the only thing to do, was try and make some space in the spare/computer repair room. This entailed moving some large containers full of stuff weighing a considerable amount into the attic, and hoping the ceiling doesn't collapse under the weight. Not a job I was particularly enamoured with!

One plus that came out of this exercise was a piece of reasonable flat wood that was buried under the stuff I moved. You can see the end result of all this effort below. Now at least I can concentrate on trying to build the wing.


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