A return to model building and flying. Part 8

The Under Carriage

October 2004

The undercarriage on this model is mounted in what seems to be (to me) an unusual and needlessly complicated way. It is mounted in the centre section of the wing and sandiched between various bits of wood in an awkward fashion. However I wanted to press on with it, as there are other things I need to do to the wing that I can't untill the undercarriage is fitted.

Again, problems surfaced after I had made the plywood box it was supposed to fit into. No matter how much fiddleing I did the box was just too big to fit into the space available, at the right angle. If the angle is wrong, I will loose all the ground clearance.

ucAfter much wittling away with a knife I finally got every thing to fit as it should, This picture [right] will show how much wood had to be removed.

However the picure below shows that I have ended up with the correct size, more by luck than judgment. There is clearly a discrepency in the plans that caused this problem in the first place.

uc mount

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