A return to model building and flying. Part 10


December 2004

Having stood watching the antics of the Leicester Club members during the once a month goodyear team race event. I decided it might be a quick way of getting a model and doing some flying, as work on the Lucky Lady is moving at a snails pace for various reasons, and also to try and overcome the dizzyness thing

I had better explain at this point, in case someone gets the wrong idea, that the club event is not exactly like a real goodyear race. Again, for a multitude of reasons that's not practical.

What it consists of is each pilot starting and flying their own model, one at a time over 100 laps, with one mandaory pit stop. Dead simple and lots of fun, the idea being to get people to just enter and fly.

The rules are quite relaxed, eg. line length is the actual line length, not centre of model to centre of handle, and consist of mini goodyear, goodyear, and open goodyear classes.

Having borrowed a pile of photocopied plans, I decide on a minigoodyear 'Stinger' design as it look the least ugly (to me) in profile. After all, if am going to have to look at the same profile for 100 laps I don't want to find it distasteful. I also have three old PAW 1.5's sitting idle, it would be nice to have a use for them.

I have never quite got used to small diesels like the PAW, now being refered to in (US) awkward imperial capacities after most of a century of perfectly practical and sensible metric sizes, and before this country even went metric. This seems like a step back into the dark ages to me. Does that make me very old fashioned, or very modern? Or is it a case of pandering to a US market that thinks it's customers are incapable knowing what a cubic centimetre is?

At this point I think to myself, "I'm old, I can grumble with impunity," and give a silent prayer to the existence of the FAI, CIAM.

stinger original The original full size Stinger

The following are pictures of the progress to date. With a bit of luck it will be ready for the first race on the 8th of January 2005. Whether I will be ready, is another matter?

stinger partsstinger engine

stinger togetherstinger controls

stinger weightstinger filler

stinger first paint

Construction has not been without incident, and I am still not sure the undercarriage is strong enough for heavy repeated landings on a grass field.

I had immense problems getting the right sized thread for the stitched elevator hinge, as I could not find any suitable tape. This is something I have to sort out for the future.

The long nose and short moment arm, have meant the addition of 35g of lead on tail, something I am not happy about. It was too late to move the engine back when I found out. The third picture from the end shows my pathetic attempt to try and make it look a little less like a dirty great lump of lead.

The balsa filler I used is being affected by the dope dope sanding sealer I used, so bits have gone soft or got knocked out. Oh well, I just have to treat the whole thing is a learning experience. Damned annoying though. I risked a couple of coats of dope to see it is possible to use it in the flat. I concluded that it is possible, but only on small areas like this profile model. The fumes are overpowering in the small space I have to work in, even with the window wide open.

The local model shop's available paint, seems to consist of only spray cans. Something I cannot use, and it's not very environmentaly friendly either. And my favorite two part fuelproofer 'Tufkote' seems to have become unavailable. I do wish the likes of Ripmax would remove items that are no longer available from their website. After all it's not exactly rocket science to keep it up to date.

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