A return to model building and flying. Part 14

Hitting the ground

April 2005

A bit of a nondescript month with cold weather and a lot of wind. This picture just about sums it up.

cold field

And this picture must qualify as the best for a long time. Pete Moore poses with model that has just done a full bore nose dive into the ground.



The model survived intact, even the prop didn't break.

My combat wing however, did not. After two successive collisions with ground over two weeks, the leading edge broke behind the engine. Nothing terminal, but a lot of surgery needed to enable the addition of 3mm ply reinforcement behind the leading edge. It's also an excuse to get rid of that hideous blue Plasikote paint.

The PAW19 is starting to feel better as it runs in and is starting a little easier. The total lack of feel when it's cold is still disconcerting, but improving. If the model survives the running in it will have done it's job.


My latest project, my own design open class rat racer to use up one of my old Merco 35's is coming along. I don't expect it to be fast, not with a plain bearing lapped piston motor, but I hope it will cope with our flying field a little better than a mini goodyear. Hence the beefy undercarriage.


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