A return to model building and flying. Part 51

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June 2008

This month I had a very interesting letter from Alan Morgan, winner of the 2007 UK Nat's CL scale event, describing how he got into control line and some details of the Nat's winning model (very nice it is too). It's deserving of it's own page so you will find it here. Also received some more pic's from Jan Odeyn of some of his experimental models, described in his own words.

Personally, not much going on; very busy but not getting much modelling done.. which may be good or bad, depending on circumstances......!? Think this year is going to end up as a sit back and think one. Certainly beginning to wonder why I'm spending so much time listening to Internet streamed German Goth/Industrial music radio stations.........! Aren't people supposed to get older as time passes; not younger. Or maybe I have just reached that age where I know my days are numbered and don't care anymore about the words, 'supposed to.' :-D

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