A return to model building and flying. Part 53

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Aug 2008

Move Along, Nothing to See

But an email I received from Bob Fitzsimmons, about Goodyear racing, makes me chuckle every time I think about it. it's here.
And again not much going on with the flying. Wind wind wind, then HOT! So, hot and humid, it's difficult to stand it for long outside.

New mag scan size

In October, the magazine scans will be a little larger, which should make them a little easier to read. However, as I batch process two years worth of uploads at a time, the quality has to be averaged across them all, and with the larger size comes the problem of keeping the file sizes sensible. Something has to suffer, and it will show up with any images being grainy. But I think they are tollerable. 

I'm actually quiet proud of the fact that I managed to do this all using Linux command line tools, which give an exraordinary amount of control over images; As long as I can understand what the requisite command does! This is one of them:

Mogrify -verbose -colors 32 */*.png

It might look like gibberish, but is very powerful ( even the -verbose can be omitted, it's only there so I can see some output and know it's working), to the extent that I can spend an evening doing something else while it grinds through two years worth of uploads, reducing the total number of colours displayed on each page to 32, and along with other operations plays a big part in reducing a file size for each magazine from around 60-70MB to around 12-15MB

I could use The Gimp {very good free Photoshop Equivilant, or a Fetish term if you know about these things ;) } or many other applications that come as standard with any Linux distro, but when one line of text will do it, why bother.

I Love Linux :-D


All I have done this month fitted an old Irvine .20 Sport into the Brodak Buster stunt model to try and tame the beast. A .25 was way too powerful, and I spent most of my time trying to get it to fly slow enough. Remarkably, on 18m lines the .20 is still a bit on the fast side as well, but flight is a lot more controllable. it also consumes a lot of fuel, so I need a bigger tank.

Brain Dead

I have also decided, as part of my brain being on holiday from everything this year, to not, compete at the Nat's year. I desperately need a good carrier model, and until I can work up the enthusiasm to finish the Bearcat, and or  'maybe' attempt an ARTF Corsair, and get back into some serious practice. I don't want to even attempt another comp this year. So I will just spend a lot of money instead whilst I am there. Ka-Ching..! Don't know how to emote the sound of pin number buttons being punched, so an old fashioned till sound will have to do.

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