A return to model building and flying. Part 55

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Nov 2008

Another Carrier Model

Not much going on from my personal situation, but others are still busy.

Andy Green turned up at the club field with a carrier Hellcat, WOW! two people with a carrier model now, I'll have to get the carrier deck out again at this rate. I look forward to seeing how Andy progresses with carrier flying, as this is his first foray into the game.

Andy's Hellcat

We spent most of the time trying to get the throttle set on the ASP.40, no matter how far the main needle was screwed out, the engine would run at full chat. In the end it was discovered that the clunk had got stuck at the front of the tank. This in effect, had completely messed up the original setting, and it took some time to get it back to nearly right, but we succeeded in the end. I did note that the new ASP.40 has some considerable Grunt! So my purse might open and let out the moths at some point.

That Man Again

That incorrigible  Belgian, Jan Odyne, has been at it again. Nothing like using natural resources to do a bit of carrier flying. And an electric twin conversion looks like it will sweep all before it knowing Jan.

JO 1

JO 2

JO 4

JO elec twin

To Quote Jan:

My first electric carrier was a Grumman Tigercat build for the Cabbage Patch in 1998. It hardly flew and it needed a strong arm to get it off the deck. So I made little flights with it.

About a month ago I decided to upgrade it  to lipo power and brushless engines. I flew it a week ago and experienced the flight of the year. Not only was it capable of realy slow flight but was a prop hanging and even stunting.All this with a lot of stability.OK, I will paint it the next week.

I'm considering another twin for 2009

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