A return to model building and flying. Part 56

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Jan 2009

Things Happening.

Although I am not doing much modelling wise (at least in the real world), others are beavering away. Lack of transport doesn't help, but that should be sorted soon, I hope!  So with thanks to those people for sending material and; lets on with the show.

From Graham Collins in Embrun near Ottawa Canada, who's interest lies in the Perky speed class:-

Larry Rice of Black Hawk models who markets a kit of the Perky (now available in Europe and Australia) held a Perky Postal contest in 2008 (results here: http://www.blackhawkmodels.com/perkyresults.html). Not a lot of entries but did get one from Australia.  I have been in contact with several fliers in Australia and there seems to be some growing interest in the Perky down that way.

In the UK available from http://www.densmodelsupplies.co.uk/

In Australia available from http://www.hobbycave.com.au/

Larry will be holding another postal contest in 2009 details here: http://www.blackhawkmodels.com/perkycontest.html

Plus, Larry has also released a kit of the Kiel Kraft Phantom (details here: http://www.blackhawkmodels.com/phantom.html) and is having a postal similar to the perky for the Phantom  details here: http://www.blackhawkmodels.com/phantomcontest.html 

Zoe's Footnote: I was asked the review a pre-production kit of the Phantom. When I have finally found the time to finish it, I will will cover the blood and guts of the story.

Andy Green of my own club seems to be going electric with a Super Clown, which I believe is a Brodak kit. I expect to see it flying when I have transport again Andy, and no excuses :)) He is also talking about and electric carrier model now, so things could get interesting.


Bob Fitzsimmons  sent me an interesting email. Bob, you always manage to make me chuckle :))

Like a lot of old aero modellers  I've been thinking of returning to the competition fold. Did quite well last time (Elliot trophy, Goodyear league winner, several combat trophies & retired at 21yrs  old), but living on The Isle of Sheppy (North Kent) seriously restricts any attempt to get back into team racing (no tarmac sites). Combat is a no starter due to my 49year old reactions and lack of ground crew. Carrier does however  challenge my engineering background. I would like help in bouncing about ideas (my local club all fly radio) . (Hmmm.. know the feeling. Zoe)

Last time I e-mailed you I joked about putting 2 HGK 45s in a carrier model. Then I thought "WHY NOT".(inboard engine set up to be lead engine on any throttle input)(outboard engine becomes wing tip ballast). Initial trials have proved inconclusive due to my Mosquito only having enough room between the engines to run 9"props. I have however come across a design that bears consideration, the Grumman Skyrocket. From my point of veiw it would allow me to mount 2 F###ing! great 45s onto what is basically a combat wing with a long tail to slow everything down. My questions are thus:    Is The Grumman Skyrocket  a legal design?

Would it be humanly possible to hang on to 2x45s running at full chat in a carrier model (I weigh in at 17 stone) and accept that spiked shoes would be a good idea on grass. I was only young at the time but as my old pitman said "there's no
substitute for CC's.

Zoe's Footnote: My reply in brief, was along the lines of, why the F***! not. This I have to see.......! Only reservation I have is, I don't know if the full size Skyrocket ever landed on a carrier deck to qualify it for carrier comps in the UK?

 If Danish (I think?) combat fliers can fly an FAI combat model on ultra short lines, anything is possible. Thanks to my web host increasing the storage space, I can now keep this video on site. Watch and be amazed! as the lines get shorter and shorter. A great way to brighten up a dull day, watch this Video . This is what CL modelling should be all about, doing something daft and having fun.

I still want to stuff a gas turbine in a carrier model (Evil Grin!)

And finally, thanks to Adrian Thompson from Crewe for sending these pictures of the carrier comp at Pontefract in October 2008. He managed 5th out of an entry of 7, also managing to make a hook up landing flying the Skyraider. I know just what that feels like :))







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