A return to model building and flying. Part 69

December 2010

U/Tronics Control Units

utronics unitI recently received an email form Clancy Arnold in the USA and a sample of the one of the U/Tronics unit's he makes. For those that don't know, this is a commercial unit for sending electronic signals down a pair of CL lines to operate an RC servo/s to control various functions; in it's simplest form, one servo controlling the throttle. As the ScaleMaster outfits are now no more, I believe these may be the only commercially available equivalent.

Left is an example of a typical single channel unit, which looks like it's wired for an electric powered model.

This is exactly the same system as used by CL carrier pilots and Scale fliers here in the UK an elsewhere that are made from stripped down RC outfits. So it's is case of weighing up the pros and cons of buying or making? I can't help with that decision as I have never used either, and my one experiments using an RC outfit for this purpose were not a happy ones; so I am quite happy with three lines and no electronics or batteries for now.

But, and it's big BUT! that could change. If I were to ever start to make complex Class One carried models. The advantages of a reduction in line drag and being able to individually control things like flaps , ailerons, rudder, and maybe the ultimate of a retracting UC, could make this system highly desirable at some point, as I am sure it is right now for CL scale.

Below is a typical IC model circuit diagram. Incidentally I would think only one line needs to be insulated? Clancy informed me that painting the line with polyurethane varnish is quite adequate for insulation and lighter than the plastic coated fishing line frequently used for this task. But quite how to perform this painting feat without considerable space available, is open to question?

utronic circuit

These prices and Clancy's contact details are correct at the time of writing. I have added some rough Euro and GB pound conversions to give some idea of cost.

$3.00 Shipping  ( internal US )
$6.00 Shipping per order. ( Outside The US )  ( € 4,38, £ 3.75 )

Single Channel unit with Slide Potentiometer is $20.00,  ( € 14,61, £ 12.51 )

Multi Channel (Encoder and Decoder) for 4 Channel system $80.00  ( € 58,45, £ 50.05 )
Extra Channels $5.00 each up to a total of 7 channels.  ( € 3,65, £ 3.13 )

Extra 4 Channel Decoder $40.00 each  ( € 22,22, £ 25.02 )
Extra Channels up to 7 channels total $2.50 each. ( € 1.83, £ 1.56 )

U/Tronics Control
Clancy C Arnold
4174 Eagle Cove South Drive
Indianapolis IN 46254
(317) 387-1940
Email: clancyarnold@juno.com

More info available here  stunthangar.com

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